Dog Days are happy days

I have recently been prompted to return to my pathetic attempt at sharing my world by a very good friend. I cannot believe it has been a year since I last wrote anything or shared my photos, it could possibly be longer! This is what the long summer holidays were made for.

The dog obsession has continued to grow. Drawing and stitching dogs amuses me and is obviously some form of replacement therapy for not actually owning my own pooch.

I do re-visit the same dog and make different renditions. I guess I am still exploring what I would like to make and define my style. Here I have scanned the original watercolour painting and heat transferred the image onto fabric. It is not ideal as the image retains a slight shine.

Batik is a good starting point to embroider over. It is hard work to keep the balance between batik and stitches. I feel it is a waste to totally obliterate the characteristics of the batik with stitching.

Blue whippets have been quite a feature this year. I love the slightly surprised expression on there faces. This lovely chap has proved to be very useful as a sampler of stitches for a Year 10 Textiles class.

A return to my textile roots has prompted a more decorative, patterned approach. It may not be immediately apparent but I have also been greatly influenced by the amazing Agnes Martin exhibition at Tate Modern fairly recently. Her beautiful, meticulous work was going through my head as I stitched and sewed organised rows of sequins.

Textural stripes and painterly effects combined with neat rows of metallic sequins and machine stitched lines.

Once a dog has been painted I am confident in stitching without guidelines and just go for it. I can sense where each feature needs to be.

I have also returned to my sequin collection and finally found a good use for them. Everyone needs a little sparkle in their lives. Disco Dogs have arrived.

It is always much more enjoyable when a friend supplies a photograph to work from.

Poppy is an adorable 10 year old King Charles Spaniel that is the cutest bundle of joy.

I kind of have an idea of how I am going to make a piece look but often make it up as I go along. I then hit on an idea and run with it for a while. Agnes was in my mind again.

Everyone loves a cheeky Chiauhaua.this little chap is approx 12 X 18cm.

By contrast his friend is 40 X 40cm. This is actually a close up. The dog is quite small in the bottom left corner in this composition. A inky, bleached textural mix with metallic over painting. The dog is a mix of watercolour, acrylic paint, ink and gel pens.

Dog days are never ending, so many to choose from, I could go on for ever! Just one more cheeky chap, the characterful Jack Russell Terrier.


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